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June 2017 Incredible Flanger Update -

The Incredible Flanging Machine is no longer in production

Above The Incredible Flanging Machine Unit #04

This is the second version case and second version circuit boards.

The die cast aluminum case is about 1/8 inch thick, built to last.

1/4 inch Switchcraft jacks and power jack
Back side showing the meaty rubber feet and serial number sticker

First Units come with a power supply and a 9 Volt battery holder and connector.

This allows you to power the unit from a 9 volt battery

Audio Example

Here is an audio example using Unit number 4

Dark Guitar through Incredible Flanging Machine

This demonstration audio starts with a clean guitar chord then a short flanged section. There is also a clean chord then a flanged chord at the end.

The guitar is a Music Man Silhouette, the amp is a Line 6 Flextone 3, and The Incredible Flanging Machine is connected to the stereo effects loop. I used the neck pickup so the guitar is not as bright as usual, and a slow flanger rate with switch 2 set to three delay sections (SW2 up)

Then I used the foot pedal control to turn on and off the effects loop.

MadScienceLabFlanger04.mp3 MP3 version

MadScienceLabFlanger04.wav Wav file ( better quality)



June 2013

The ReAnimator 2.2 below has sold out, and is no longer available

Above the ReAnimator 2.2

Below is the Mad Science Lab ReAnimator version one

There were only 10 units made in 2010 with redwood side panels.

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